Family survival planning & Survival tips

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Protecting your family

Survival kits for the home & 72 Hour kits

    Survival kits for the home are a great means of staying prepared. While you might already have a smaller but similar item in your car; it is time to keep you and your family prepared in the home as well as outside of it. While you understand that disasters or emergencies happen, not many people take the initiative to keep themselves prepared prior to the emergency.
      Fortunately, being prepared for an emergency has never been easier. Simply because we now have the option of purchasing pre-made survival kits as well as making our own. However, you should always take care in selecting your survival kit for your home. To ensure that they have the items that you or your family may need. [More information about Survival kits]

Hygiene supplies & Protecting your family

      Protecting your family during an emergency is the number one concern of many. But, how do you keep your family safe during a disaster or emergency? First you should start by laying out a disaster preparedness plan. This plan should be rehearsed and written down for all of your family members; Allowing for a safe escape from any disaster or emergency that may come.
      You should take steps in safeguarding your home and its surrounding area. Some tips on safeguarding your home can be found online or at your public resources within your area. Some such things you can do are securing all large or heavy objects to the wall, identifying where your water, gas, and electrical shutoffs are located in your home. Also making sure that there is a defense area around your home is a good idea as well. Room enough for you to protect your home in the case of a riot.
      Make an evacuation plan readily accessible for everyone in your family. Extending this plan to teachers and schools as well as your work place; this will help to ensure that you will all find one another in an emergency situation. Lastly, you should practice! Practice makes perfect in any emergency plan. [More Protecting your family      Add to Delicious Bookmark Family Survival Planning at